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Review of Bath & Body Products from The Soyo Shop

The Soyo Shop review by Pam Novak, added 1/23/13

Company: The Soyo Shop

Products reviewed:
2oz Soy Yogurt Body Cream in Pineapple Cilantro

4oz Soy Sugar Scrub in Lick Me All Over

12 oz Smelly Jelly Jar in Lemongrass Kiw

IntrodPam Novakuction to my review:

The Soyo Shop & Wolf Dreams is located in beautiful and scenic Alaska by Ms. Betty Drinkwine.

The Soyo Shop & Wolf Dreams carries a variety of bath and body products , soy candles, and home scenting options. A nice option I noticed while browsing her bath and body selections... almost everything she creates is offered in small sizes which is nice when you want to try soemthing before buying something larger.

Her scent list is quite nice with a large variety of scents to choose from. Love that!!

Okay, onto my review....

2oz Soy Yogurt Body Cream:

I was so excited to try their soy cream. In addition to the organic soy oil and aloe, there is yogurt in it, which is known for its skin friendly qualities. Yogurt! How cool is that?

This is a delight to slather on my skin after a hot shower. It feels so good and soothing since the cream feels cool to the touch and sinks in immediately. It doesn't have that dried out splotchy buildup if you use too much product (those who have had this happen know what I am talking about). This is the type of cream I would use all year, as it is Wolf Dreams Yogurt Butter reviewmoisturizing enough for dry winter skin and light enough for hot weather. I am impressed and would absolutely rebuy this product in my favorite scents. The scent I have is Pineapple Cilantro, a very fresh and pretty aroma.

For those of you who love Southwestern spice and herbals, anything reminiscent of the desert, you will fall in love with this fragrance! Sweet fresh pineapple (not the sickly sweet "canned pineapple" scent) juice and green herbal Cilantro in a blend that will knock your socks off. A very unexpected blend that you will love!

Slightly herbal from the cilantro, the scent is well balanced with pineapple. I have always wanted to try Pineapple Cilantro and I am glad I have had the chance... this is a scent I want more of for those days when I want to remain shower fresh for many hours after bathing.

4oz Soy Sugar Scrub:

This is the emulsifying kind that dissolves into a thin milky lather on your wet skin. It does not foam.

It is well packed with enough sugar to get the job done, and my skin is left very soft, but not oily. My scrub is so girly looking, with its pretty pink color. And let me tell you about the scent : It's called Lick Me All Over, and is very Wolf Dreams sugar scrub reviewaptly named.

"A wonderful exotic fragrance with base notes of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon, middle notes of jasmine and violet, and fresh top notes of grapefruit and kumquat."

This is such a gorgeous fruity floral. I can see everyone with varied ranges of taste loving this scent, as it is pretty without being perfumey. The scent remains on my skin hours after using.

12 oz Smelly Jelly Jar in Lemongrass Kiwi:

The attractive glass jar contains a jelly like substance that naturally dissolves as it scents your home. I placed it in my small powder room and it turned out to be the perfect location. The scent was light but effective for this small space. I would probably want at least two jars for a room Smelly Jellies from The Soyo Shop & Wolf Dreamslarger than your average half bath. The glass jar is MUCH prettier looking than those solid fresheners you can buy at the grocery store.

"Refreshing and uplifting fragrance that begins with top notes of fresh lemon pulp, orange rinds and tropical kiwi; middle notes of eucalyptus, cassis, green tea, and bamboo; well-rounded with base notes of cedarwood and vanilla."

This is a beautiful, pleasant scent and a fantastic choice for this product.

Closing to my review:Closing to my review

I enjoyed the products tested from this site. The Soyo Shop has an amazing scent list and I am already looking at what I can try next.

If you love emulsified scrubs, I think you'd enjoy Soyo's scrubs and if you're after an all around great lotion, their yogurt butter is quite refreshing.

Until next time!! Happy B&B shopping!

~ Pam

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