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Halloween Bath & Body Review from SpookieVille, An Etsy Store


Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers

by Andrea, added 10/28/09

Brand: Spookieville, "Where being weird is groovy"

Products: 6.5oz Walnut Scrub, Dreamy-Creamy Vegan Ice Cream Soap, Vegan Lip Conditioner & Vegan Groovy Mist 

Fragrances: See each product review for specific scents reviewed. 



Andrea Haskins bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body loversIntroduction to my Bath & Body Review from Spookieville:

Not going out this All Hallow's Eve? No ghosts or goblins? Trick or treat? Grab your costume and candy corn and join me on my journey tonight. Destination: Spookieville.

My review is on a wonderful Etsy bath and body shop I stumbled upon not too long ago. It's a birth child of Ella Dean, who's favorite holiday is - you guessed it - Halloween! Ella has created an entire shop around a fictitious (or is it???) place named Spookieville, "where being weird is groovy." Talk about spooky fun! I had a BLAST reading through all the scent descriptions and Bath and body, the site for bath and body loverslearning about all the residents of Spookieville. Even though I wanted to meet them all... my pocketbook was in stern disagreement, but I managed to get up close and personal with a few new-found friends.

When first arriving at Spookieville, you'll notice the bright colors and, well... um... "colorful" characters. Ms. Dean has done a tremendous job with setting the scene. Spookieville is fun, lighthearted and just plain weird. But in a good way! My first visit to the website lasted a couple of hours - I just couldn't tear myself away. While shopping, I did have a few questions which were answered right away. The turn-around-time is listed clearly on the site and is very reasonable. I received my order in a little over a week, which is amazing considering this is a very busy time of year for this store. My items were packaged well and I had a fun time just unwrapping it all! I was greeted with decorative mini-gift bags, ribbons, bright tissue, colorful labels. I also had some freebies thrown in, which is always nice. Lots of care definitely went into this package.

Now on to the products!

Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body, the site for bath and body lovers

Eucalyptus Jasmine Deer the Woodland Nymph's Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub (6.5oz, $12.49)

I'm not new to body scrubs but I was new to walnut scrubs. I wasn't sure if I would like this, but the description totally made me want to try!

This Walnut Body Scrub has a soft, peaceful, natural Spookieville Walnut scrub, Andrea's bath and body reviews. Bath and body, the site for bath and body loverswalnut scent.

Eucalyptus Jasmine Deer is a peaceful woodland nymph, who loves living in Spookieville because she can be herself & no one judges her for her looks. She is named after her beautiful grandma (who was part Eucalyptus) & her lovely mother (who had Jasmine plant in her blood). Eucalyptus Jasmine Deer is a very peaceful soul, who just adores everything about animals, dancing in the forest at dusk & dawn & trading make-up tips with Miss Spookieville.

The scrub itself came in a nice round container with colorful labels. On the lid was - you guessed it - Eucalyptus Jasmine Deer herself, surrounded by a deer and a squirrel. The shop name was clearly identified. The labels on the sides of the jar contained more information. The ingredients are not listed on the label but are easily found on the Spookieville Walnut scrub, Andrea's bath and body reviews. Bath and body, the site for bath and body loverswebsite (see below). Good news - these labels are waterproof! The cold whiff was a nice, nutty scent and it was more of the same in the shower.

This was a great product to use - a thick, dense scrub with gentle exfoliation. The walnut shell itself is finely ground, so no ouchies in the shower. There was no lather with this scrub but it's definitely cleansing. My skin felt very soft and smooth after using it and I did not feel I needed to moisturize immediately after use. This scrub did leave a bit of residue in the shower. Not a big deal to me, but if you're going to use it I think you should know that up front.

Vampire Soccer Mom's Dreamy Creamy Vegan Ice Cream Soap (4oz, $6.49)

Even vampires love soccer - who knew??

Vampire Soccer Mom's "Raspberry Fruit Punch" Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body loversHmmm, is it really?! (A Tart Juicy Raspberry Scent, mixed with a sweet Fruit Punch)

Stacy Jill Bosworth is an active (vampire) soccer mom of one son & a daughter. She loves being a soccer mom & is definitely her children's number one cheerleader. Stacy Jill also loves gossiping with all the other moms on the sidelines. The other moms can't quite put their finger on it, but they know there is something unique about Stacy Jill. She seems to always be sipping on her homemade "fruit punch" & staring at their necks.
This cream soap is loaded with goodies and what's more, this jar is a handful of fun!! The jar might feel quite small, but it is 4oz packed full of yummy creamy goodness. It has a gorgeous girly pink label wrapped around it with a solid black lid. The label itself is a work of art. On the front we have a portrait of our Vampire Soccer Mom - soccer ball in one hand, ghoulish fruit punch in the other. Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews. Bath and body, the site for bath and body loversIngredients are included on the waterproof label in a fun font.
The cream soap itself is a light pretty pink. Although the website showed some pink sugar crystals sprinkled on top, I didn't see any on mine. Wahhh!! Cold sniff? Heavenly! Lots of fruits and berries and sweetness. I could tell right away I was going to love this one!

This cream soap has a very nice and spongy texture - not too fluffy and not too firm. The lather in the shower is incredible! A very thick, creamy lather which was quite fragrant. The scent of berries and sweet fruit punch filled the bathroom air! And a little went a long way. This jar seemed to last me forever and that, my friends, is a good thing!

As a stand alone product, this cream soap worked very well. It rinsed away clean and left my skin feeling soft. It was not drying at all - I went without applying any lotion and didn't feel like I had to. My skin smelled faintly fruity after the shower for about an hour. I think this product would work very well for layering or for days when you just want a hint of scent.

Vampire Soccer Mom's Slightly Tinted with All Natural Alkanet Root Powder Vegan Lip Conditioner (0.15oz, $3.99)

Well, you've already met Jill. All that time spent at the soccer games can make for dry, parched Spookieville lip conditioner review, Bath and body, the site for bath and body loverslips. Not so with this lip balm! This cutesy lip balm comes with a hot pink clip cap (you can request a regular cap) which came in handy for toting it around. The balm itself is a burgundy color, which makes sense when reviewing the ingredients. It's the alkanet root powder (coloring agent) which gives it the ruby red tint. That tint translates into lightly tinted lips - cool!

This lip balm smelled like fruit punch and tasted somewhat like it too. A smooth glide on the lips, not greasy or gritty, with a little bit of staying power - I felt I needed to reapply after a couple of hours.

Spookivilles Bigfoot's Girlfriend bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body, the site for bath and body loversBigfoot's Girlfriend Lilac Starfruit's Vegan Groovy Mist (3oz, $6.99)

Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, spends a lot of time dodging the paparazzi. With all the ducking and weaving, you wouldn't think he'd have time for a date let alone a girlfriend! But when visiting Spookieville we find out all about his best kept secret:

Miss Lilac Starfruit lives in groovy Spookieville. She is dating Bigfoot, who she finds so handsome! She loves wearing the necklace Bigfoot made for her out of flowers & rocks. Bigfoot calls Lilac his 'Lil' Star' because she lights up his world. Their dates consist of going bowling with boulders, having candlelit dinners in caves, walking hand in hand under the moon & stars & playing hide & seek with the tourists (it's so fun to tease them). They are so in love, awww. It would be so nice to find a man, who loved hairy legs..hee-hee.

Fragrance: Lilac Starfruit's Forest Earth Shampoo... it drives Bigfoot crazy, he loves it (a beautiful mixture of lilacs, an earth scent & revitalizing starfruit). Spookievilled Bigfoot's girlfriend groovy spray scented review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers

This Groovy Mist is in an aluminum can with a pretty purple label. We get a closeup of Lilac - isn't she beautiful? *cough, cough*

Did I like this mist? In a word - yes! But be forewarned about the initial spray - STRONG lilac will first greet you. It quickly dries down and you start to get floral mixed with some fruitiness from the starfruit. I'd still view this as primarily a floral fragrance. Very nice but harder to layer.

The mist itself comes out in a fine spray - this makes application easier, without the fear of overdoing it. I could still smell the scent faintly on my skin about 4 hours after application.

Mr. Groovy's Dreamy Creamy Vegan Ice Cream Soap (4oz, $6.49)

Every town has one - a smooth operator, a Cassanova. Spookieville? Well, they have Mr. Groovy. I've gotta tell you, it was hard to resist this Mr. Groovy's charm:

"Mr. Groovy, who lives in Spookieville wears the same socks day after day. He says that his socks are inspiration for him as he recites poetry under the dreamy moon. His latest poem: 'My socks are cute, yes it's true, My socks smell great & so do you!' That was beautiful Mr. Groovy. Let's break out some wine & cheese. Encore!"

Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body loversFragrances: Pistachio Pudding Rose Tea Leaves, Pineapple Juice, Pumpkin Milk & Zombie Mermaid's Signature Scent

For all his faults, Mr. Groovy knows his cream soap. Since I've already fawned over the cream soap itself, let me dwell on the scent for this one. Two words: Wow - Wee!! This is a very complex and delicious combination of scents. The colors were plentiful making for a pretty jar of soap. On first whiff I smelled mostly the rose tea leaves (I think this was the layer on top, but all scents are blended in well). Once I started using the soap, more of the other scents were revealed. It was hard to pick them out individually, but I did catch whiffs of the pineapple juice and pistachio pudding. It seemed every time I used this soap it had a different smell. And that was fine and dandy with me. Very different and very good. Kudos, Mr. Groovy!!

Closing to my Spookieville Review:

What a blast I had on my first visit to Spookieville! Besides the cool theme, this store Spookieville bath and body review, Bath and body, the site for bath and body lovershas a wonderful array of products and some really great customer service. Choosing scents is an adventure in and of itself. The blends are quite creative and unique - something I also enjoy. My advice? Cruise on over to Spookieville yourself and check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Happy Halloween!

~ Andrea

Visit Spookieville, An Etsy Store

Here's a quick reference to the ingredients of each product I tried.... just in case that is important to you.

Walnut Scrub: deionzed water, glyceryl monostearate, walnut shell, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, sodium laureth sulfate, sweet almond oil, mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben

Cream Soap: distilled water, glycerin, sweet almond oil, olive oil, sorbitol, sodium cocoyl isethionate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, vitamin e, essential and fragrance oils, tetrasodium edta, fda color.

Lip Conditioner: candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, olive butter, safflower oil, vitamin e, alkanet root powder, gingergrass essential oils, flavor oils & weirdness

Body Mist: pure floral water from a daisy patch, spring water, vitamin e (natural preservative), vitamin E, essential oils, fragrance oils & isopropyl alcohol.

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