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Shaving Soap


Shaving soaps.... trend or fad?

I think we're all pretty much set in our ways when it comes to our shaving paraphernalia... I know I am.... I use a store bought pink razor (Venus) and plain old fashioned soap. I've never really cared either way whether I Shaving soaps,, the site for bath and body loversused shaving cream or not. I've always been too lazy to ever bother.  Plus, it's just another added bottle amongst my gobs of other bath and body booty in my shower.  I have so much, it's become a necessity to pick and choose what products grace my shelves.

My daughter on the other hand would pitch a fit if she ever ran out of her shaving cream, she's always used it from the very first time she started shaving. I think it's more habit than need so I decided to sneak a shaving soap in her shower to see what she thought.... she loved it! I asked her what differences she noticed between her shaving cream and shaving soap? She said, "although the shaving cream is foamier, I liked the lather of the shaving soap and my legs were soft and smooth after I finished shaving." SCOOOOORE!!

With that said, why do we like shaving cream? I would say the thick/slick lather it produces to get a close shave. The closer you get, the longer you can go before your next one and that's the key.  Who likes to shave? Shaving can also produce irritation... you don't really want to apply a razor to your bare dry skin... ouch! So, applying soap or cream not only acts as a barrier but also softens your skin. Finding what works best for you is the fun part!

Is there an advantage to shaving soap? I think so. For those (like me) who use soap to shave, shaving soap gives you a happy medium between the two. You get a nice thick foamy lather (much thicker than regular Shaving soaps,, the site for bath and body loverssoap) and it's not as big and bulky as a can of shaving cream. Plus, it's still soap and can be used as such. Two for the price of one!! Add the endless colors, designs and sizes these little beauties come in.... it's a win/win. 

Another perk to shaving soaps is... they're handmade and that means they're freshly made just for you. I love that! You also know exactly what ingredients are in your soap. Handmade products tend to have quality ingredients and therefore have less irritants that may bother your skin.

So, if you're looking for an alternative to shaving cream, you may want to give shaving soaps a try. They're fun, economical and are offered in an huge array of beautiful colors, sizes, shapes and fragrances.  

Now the fun part.... shopping for them!! There are TONS of sites that sell shaving soaps so have fun on your own search. Here are some sites that I found:

Savor, an Etsy store. I've loved pretty much everything Savor Shave Soaps,, the site for bath and body loversI've ever purchased from Savor and highly recommend them. 

Savor has always been one of my "go-to" sites for handmade soaps. Everything here is freshly made and one of a kind.

Dennis Anderson - This is an excellent store for handmade soaps with a nice array of shaving soaps offered.

Shaving soaps article, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
Gudonya Too - I've personally never shopped here but it sure looks like a cool Etsy store! 

Dragonfaery Naturals - Another Etsy site that carries an array of handmade bath and body... including shaving soaps. 

Pink Bow Bath Boutique - Super cute Etsy store... I've shopped here once and enjoyed the products I tried. 

Fresh and Clean Soaps - I'm drooling over the soaps here. I see an order in my future!! 

Red Leaf - Very cool site!! These shave soaps come in cool looking cubes.

Dessert Soapstone - An Etsy store

Luster Canyon - An Etsy store

Country Heart - An Etsy store

Etsy seems to be the place to go when shopping for shaving soaps. If you haven't shopped Etsy, you're in for a treat... this site is super addicting and a wonderful place to shop for all things handmade.

I'm sure there are a ton more sites that carry these soaps so as I find more, I'll post links to this article.

Happy shaving!

~ Christina

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