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Bath & Body Consumer

Searching for bath and body products but don't know where to start?

Let's face it, shopping online for bath and body products isn't easy and can be intimidating... You can't touch or smell each product, hold it's size in your hand, test it on your skin... you instead have to rely on what you see through your computer screen... product descriptions, pictures and an important aspect, company reputations.

It's definitely an adventure and soooooo much fun because there's nothing quite like shopping online for handmade soaps...

... or delicious smelling lotions so healthy for your skin, it's like velvet satin sinking into your skin... luxurious bath bombs to soften and fragrance your water or  bubble baths to bask in a hot tub of water..... there's nothing quite like receiving a package made fresh just for you and packaged with such detail and tender care, it's Christmas every time you receive a new package!! And I warn you, it's quite addicting but such a wonderful and pampering indulgence.

We're here to help! We love shopping and have a blast ordering and trying new companies from all over the globe.

We're simply bath and body consumers just like you on that search for great products to pamper and indulge our obsessions. Each review we write will be based on all our experiences, good and bad.

I hope you enjoy our site and reviews!!

Christina Rylan, Editor of BathAndBodyFindReviews by Christina

Reviews by Julia WootenReviews by Julia

Reviews by Andrea HaskinsReviews by Andrea

Reviews by Lisa CarterReviews by Lisa

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