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Pam Novak's Reviews

Pam Novak's bath and body reviewsGreetings Fellow Bath and Body Lovers,

My name is Pam and I am so happy that Christina has asked me to do reviews for Bath and Body Find! I was just getting into candles and tarts and enjoying the Candlefind website when I noticed a bath and body section on the forum. It wasn't long before I was ready to try some of these much raved about goods.

My first online bath and body order was in March 2008, introducing me to the world of scrubs, bath creams, lotions, salts, and sprays in wild and fun scents. I never knew that these delightful handmade products existed. Boxes began arriving in the mail,and I was hooked!

At first, I felt guilty spending money on myself . But I was enjoying it thoroughly and felt that it was time for me to nurture myself. After raising three girls,who are now teenagers (help! lol), and taking care of numerous pets and a house, it was time for ME!

Showers have their place in my life, but I love taking baths as often as possible. I fill my tub with the hottest water I can stand - adjust my bath pillow and choose some nice bath salts or oils to scent the water. When I sink into that delicious heated water, my body immediately relaxes and my head clears all thoughts of bills, obligations, and problems. What I do choose to think about, and I know this sounds silly, is which body cream, dry oil spray, and/or perfume I will douse myself with when I get out of the bath. What kind of a mood am I in today? Do I want to relax this afternoon? Then perhaps I'll go with lavender or one of my sultry incense scents. If I have errands to do and I need to be energetic, I reach for zesty scents such as orange or a fresh ocean type scent.

I've experimented with all types of scents, looking for the ones that most resonate with me. Scent is a very personal choice. MyBathtime preferences change over time, and also with the seasons. There was a time when I couldn't stand bakery scents in leave on products. One day, I came across a combination bakery/floral scent that wowed me. Just that tiny touch of a light floral elevated the heavier bakery note to a surprisingly gorgeous scent.

My biggest inspirations have been those daring etailers who mix their own signature scents... scents you cannot get anywhere but from that specific company. Those are the true artisans of the bath and body world... the ones who stray from routine, commonplace scents. There's nothing wrong with smelling like strawberries, but how much more interesting it is to try a scent that combines strawberries with hazelnut and vanilla liquor! Some of the combos these artisans come up with just blow my mind.

I have had so much fun trying different products from small bath and body companies. I feel good knowing that when I buy from small family owned companies, I am helping a small business remain successful and that the products I get from them are primarily chemical free and include the finest known skin care ingredients.

Time to go soak.... I can't wait to try my new multilayered scrub in three different scents with sugar crystals and jojoba beads decorating the top layer!

Happy bath & body shopping!

~ Pam

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