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Review of Soaps & Sugar Scrubs from Paintbox Soapworks

Paintbox Soapworks bath and body review

by Pam Novak, added 2/27/12

Painbox Soapworks

Products reviewed:
6oz bar Handmade Glycerin Soap
Sorbetto Emulsifying Sugar Scrub
Slip Organic Hand and Body Lotion

The Queen is Dead
Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Pam Novak bath and body reviewsIntroduction to my review of bath and body products from Paintbox Soapworks:

I have wanted to try this company ever since I saw their beautifully packaged, colorful line of products on Etsy.

Painbox Soapworks offers a variety of natural, SLS-free, and organic products in scents to please all tastes. Their permanent scent list is unique and impressive and they also regularly introduce limited seasonal scent collections.

Paintbox Soapworks is owned and operated by a trained pastry chef, which becomes evident when you take a look at some of their appealing, gourmand creations!

The Queen is Dead Luxury Glycerin Soap

"The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen! Blackened honey, glossy leather & a glittering swirl of smoke rising from the earth... This is a truly wicked blend, inspired by the enormous black bees that hold forth in our garden as the earth scorches in the late summer heat... Sweet but sinister, and certainly not for the faint of heart."

What a pretty soap! I was so delighted after unwrapping this chunky square of glistening silver. I hated to do it, ruin it, useThe queen is dead glycerin soap from Paintbox soapworks it..... but I had to cut my gorgeous bar in half. It was large enough to make two well sized pieces.

You know how you have to break in a new bar of soap? You have to "work it" until it starts to lather well? Not THIS soap... it performs from the start. The lather is luxurious and rinses clean.

What does it smell like? I mostly smell honey with whiffs of leather and smoke in the background. Deliciously fragrant down to the final sliver and I can detect the scent on my skin for a couple of hours afterward. Very rare! I have never had a soap leave my skin so soft. These bar soaps get my highest recommendation.

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground - Sorbetto Emulsifying Sugar Scrub

"The quiet, introspective side of fall. Woodsmoke, rustling leaves & the dark chill of an autumn night. The night's revelry has come to an end, & everyone has clustered near the fire as the coolness of the evening creeps in from the woods. The Dead leaves on the dirty ground sugar scrubcoals pop & sigh, & we each fall silent, lost in the dance of the flames & the whisper of the dry leaves in the trees. Deep, leafy patchouli, smoke, fresh-cut wood & a trace of frost."

This is one of those scents that has chameleon like qualities.... Woodsy and comforting for your winter chilled skin or invigorating and fresh for a morning wake-up call. I can see myself using this scent year-round. It takes me back to summers at sleep-away camp where we actually got to sleep in the woods under the stars instead of inside the stuffy bunk. The smoky campfire lulls you into a meditative dreaminess. Sniff deeply and smell the damp forest floor .

If you like foaming scrubs, you will enjoy this one. It is scrubby enough to buff away dry elbow patches but gentle enough for sensitive skin. The scrub dissolves into a lotiony lather and then rinses clean. My skin was soft afterward, and not at all greasy. What does this scrub look like ? Although the scrub is firm and closely compacted , I did not find it difficult to scoop out what I needed.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh - Slip Organic Hand and Body Lotion

"A shimmering & decadent scent, warm, smoky, silky & deliciously unisex. This scent showcases two of my favorite resins, accented by golden amber, a brush of dry vanilla, & a trace of burning paper. It's a warm & inviting scent that lingers deliciously on the skin..."

Here's a cool fact about this lotion: There are shimmering gold flecks suspended in the liquid that you can see through the plastic of the bottle. Don't worry, there won't be any glitter left behind on your skin. The lotion sinks in well, and is light-weight and non-greasy. If you have very dry skin, you may want to choose a heavier cream. Slip is more on the thin side, similar to a goatsmilk lotion.

If you prefer to smell your lotions without having to hold your nose to your skin, you will want a bit more scent strength. Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh wears very close to the skin, which is a bit disappointing for a scent-a-holic like myself, but very easy to wear if you prefer something softer.

Closing to my review of Painbox Soapworks:

I can see myself returning to this company again to try more of their tempting scents in all of their products.Loved everything!

Since many of their scents are gender neutral, including the ones I have reviewed, I can share with family or give as attractive gifts. Their products have high quality ingredients and I was very pleased with their customer service, extremely fast shipping, and thoughtful extras.

Happy bath and Body shopping!

~ Pam

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