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Moonalisa "A Supernatural Clean" Soap & Lotion Review in the Scent Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream

MoonaLisa bath and body review
by Pam, added 9/26/11

Creamy Lemon Tart soap, $7.95

Wild Yam Body Butter 4 oz jar, $12.95

Scent: Lemon Curd and Coconut Cream

**Note from Christina: All pictures for this review were pulled from MoonaLisa's website and Facebook page.**

Pam Novak bath and body reviewsIntroduction to my MoonaLisa Review:

I have been buying, using, and plotting future orders of Moonalisa's bath and body products for a couple of years. From my very first order, I was astounded by the entire experience of this company. Ordering is frenzied, exhilarating, and heart stopping. Receiving your box of goodies is breathtaking, playful, and gratifying.... Using your products is a sensory experience of the finest order.

Moonalisa has a huge worldwide customer following. She only offers her products a few times a year in very limited quantities, and items sell out within minutes of "going live" on either her official website or her Big Cartel website. You can find the latest updates when her items are available for purchase on her Facebook page and sometimes,on her blog.

Moona's most recent sales have taken place on her Big Cartel website, which is called Drive Thru Moo! Moona's goal is to eventually have easier to make products, such as those with pre-made bases as opposed to the more labor intensive handmade to order items, listed frequently enough so customers will always be able to purchase what they need. These products will be produced faster, ensuring a quicker delivery time.

If a major collection is being showcased, the delivery orMoonaLisa bath and body review turnaround time can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks,the longer wait being for those customers making multiple orders which Moona combines, saving the customer on shipping costs.

Some of Moona's largest collections have traditionally been her Halloween and Rock-a-Billy collections. This past January saw the introduction of one of Moona's most exciting collections yet! The theme was Mardi Gras and the scents, labeling, and packaging featured Mardi Gras associated confections, images, and vivid colors. Customers opened their boxes to strand after strand of Mardi Gras bead necklaces, colorful coins, and cardboard cut-outs of vintage images, or ephemera, related to the theme.

Receiving Moona's elegant cut-outs is something I look forward to with each box.
Speaking of the box, this lady knows how to pack. She can easily fit 18 well wrapped and padded items into a large flat-rate box in such an artful way as to baffle me how to get it all back into the same box in the same puzzle perfect way! Those who place large orders know what I am talking about.

You may ask, "how do I go about getting one of these boxes of pleasure, especially when items sell out so fast I am lucky to walk away with only one or two items?"

How do I order MoonaLisa products?Moona will post a preview of her sales a day or two before the products are available to purchase. You will know ahead of time which products come in which scents. The items are grouped in sections, such as scrubs, lotions, salts and soaks, etc... You HAVE to make a list and know ahead of time which sections you will hit first. Scrubs and soaps usually sell out first, so get those scrubs you want into your cart immediately, as soon as the site goes Live. If the sale starts at 12 Noon, be there 10 minutes ahead of time, and constantly refresh (F5) the page every minute until Noon, and then every 10 seconds after Noon. I'm serious. As soon as the site goes Live, those scrubs will be gone within two minutes. Then go for your soaps. Then the creams and perfumes....

Moona usually introduces new products with each collection.
For her last sale,she presented hair conditioners for the first time. Of course those will sell out fast! Longtime customers will want them in scents to match their body products. So get those new items into your cart fast. You may have to make the tough decision to not get any soaps this round so you can get whatever is new and exciting into your cart within the first couple of minutes.

With Big Cartel, items will be held in your cart for 30 minutes. No problem, right? But arrive two minutes after the sale starts, and you'll be lucky if you get anything into that cart. It's not unusual to get an error message saying that a particular item is being held in another person's cart. You will need your fingers to be quick as lightning!

Some people get very stressed with companies that sell in this matter, and they quickly give up. That's understandable. Other people thrive on the thrill of the chase! Have some fun. If you don't get everything you want with the first sale, don't worry. Moona usually divides what she has available into two or three separate sales, held at different times of the day over a couple of days. This gives her international customers or her night owl's, (or those who are only available at such and such a time) to have an equal shot at the goods. Some people rack up 5 or more separate orders as they set their alarm clocks to catch each sale and snatch up what they couldn't get during the previous sale.

Now that I have your head swimming, let me tempt you with a couple of reviews.

I love it when bath and body addicts develop a close, loving relationship with an exclusive scent from a particular etailer. This is what happened with Moonalisa's Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream AKA LEMMING CRACK! It was coined by a fellow addict who could not get enough of the scent. This delicious creation was nicknamed The Crack and then went on to become Lemming Crack. Even the maker has started using the nickname on her sales website.

Let's start with the soap which goes by different names, depending on when it was ordered. During Moonalisa's Mardi Gras collection sale on January 18,2011, the soap debuted as Creamy Lemon Tart (with Coconut Cream topping). Later sales show the soap being called Lemon Curd Tart with Coconut Cream.MoonaLisa Creamy Lemon Tart soap

Description of scent:

Indulge in a generous slice of a creamy lemon tart with buttery ground walnut scrub crust and topped with soft Coconut Cream soap. Served in a pie shaped wedge.

The Creamy Lemon Tart soap looks totally realistic, like a wedge shaped slice of pie, and it is huge... approximately 8-9 ounces in weight. The soap comes in layers, a brown grainy crust with sugary crystals on the bottom, followed by an light amber colored lemon. The uppermost layer is a huge heap of semi-solid whipped creamy coconut frosting. The entire wedge comes wrapped in a delicate paper lace doily, and then individually boxed with plenty of crinkle paper cradling the soap to prevent denting or damage. It is apparent that Moonalisa took extra special care to make sure that her customers received their soap in the intended shape.

When soaps do not come in the traditional rectangular form, and especially if they are too large for the average hand to comfortably hold, the soap must be cut. In this case,the tip of the wedge was just begging to be whacked off. That gave me a pretty triangle of soap, about 2 inches along the widest edge, for my first use. The rest of the soap will be cut up in lengthwise slices.

So I take my pie, - uh - I mean soap, into the shower. I discover that the bottom of the piece is slightly scrubby from the ground walnut. Fantastic! I do my elbows and shoulders with this part and then soap up with the smooth end. About halfway through my washing, the creamy white coconut part completely separates from the bottom lemon half. This is because the coconut topping is slightly soft, while the lemon part is hard. One can actually squeeze the coconut topping into a round ball if one is so inclined. The lather from the topping is so frothy and rich, I had to use it on my face. The scent is a delicate creamy coconut with a bakery note... very soothing and not a strong straight-up coconut. The lemon part of the soap is also very mellow, and is more of a Creamy Lemon Tart soap from Moonalisasweet, rather than a tart lemon. This soap rinses clean, but is very moisturizing.

Using both halves together will give you the full sensory experience of a lemon pie with coconut frosting.
When I use the larger pieces, I will attempt to keep the frosting from falling off by either using the soap gently, or by working up a lather using a pouf. There is just something about the way the individual notes complement each other, and I highly recommend giving this scent a try.

I also purchased this scent in the Wild Yam Cream, which comes in an amber plastic jar.

My jar has a colorful Mardi Gras themed label,with an image of the popular carnival eye mask in shades of Mardi Gras purple, green, and yellow.

The butter is of a whipped looking texture, and it reminds me of the consistency of whipped cream cheese. Upon application, the butter sinks in instantly and imparts a luxurious sheen to the skin. It gives the impression of being a heavier cream than it actually is because it appears to soak in but yet sit on top of the skin. However,within a couple of minutes, the skin feels powdery, soft, and non-greasy. This is a year-round type of cream, in between a goatsmilk type lotion and a heavy Love me some MoonaLisa!emollient type butter.

In the jar, I can smell the blended lemon and coconut, but it is obvious that creamy coconut is predominant. On the skin, the scent both starts off and dries down to that subtle yummy bakery coconut. One must sniff the skin at close range in order to smell this light scent. I would recommend layering the butter with either the matching hydrating mister or the perfume to increase scent longevity. Those who work or play in fragrance free environments are safe wearing this highly moisturizing cream.

Would I reorder these products again in this scent from this seller? Well, let's just say that Moonalisa is one of the only etailers from whom I would blindly buy a scent or product. I have never experienced a poor quality product from this creator. Moonalisa's customer service is exemplary. If a customer is missing an item, or a bottle leaks - the issue is corrected within a couple of days. Moonalisa's initial turn around time can be long, averaging 4-8 weeks depending on the size of the collection. Please keep this in mind when deciding whether to order. Most of the products are individually handmade, and quality control is a huge part of Moonalisa's production and packaging. She also operates her business on her own, with occasional packing assistance from one person. This guarantees the quality and beauty of each package received.

While some scents are stronger than others, Lemon Curd & Coconut Cream tends to be subtle .Now that I know how the scent changes on my skin, I will want the matching perfume to layer with my wild yam butter. I would wear this scent twelve months out of the year, which is not something I can say about most bakery scents. I can also say that it was mentally painful to cut into such a gorgeous piece of soap !

Happy bath and body shopping and good luck!

~ Pam

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