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Lisa's Picks for Best Bath & Body

Lisa's picks for best bath and body productsHey there, bath and body junkies!

I've been crazy about bath & body products much longer than I've been crazy about candles, which is definitely saying a lot. I guess the whole thing goes back to my total obsession with anything that smells good. I've been indulging ever since middle school, when the only options for B&B were either Crabtree & Evelyn, the department store perfume counter (totally out of my financial reach at age 13) or the local drugstore. (Remember Love's Baby Soft? Or Chantilly Lace and Anaïs Anaïs? Or Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers in all the soda flavors?)

Anyway, fast forward several (many) years and it's a whole new world out there for scented body products. I'm so excited about the incredible variety of companies and products that are now available, especially online - and the fact that I can now get just about anything I want scent-wise and ingredient-wise to suit my mood or the state of my skin. There are so many companies and products to try and I want to try them all!!

When Christina asked me to put together a short list of my favorites, it was shocking how quickly I could put one together. (It's below, in no particular order.) And even more shocking is the length of the list of companies that I want to try but haven't yet!

One caveat - though I like just about anything, I do tend to go for more of the "foody" types of fragrances in bath & body products, so my list probably reflects this. I've found that like candle vendors, some B&B companies trend toward particular fragrance groups, like florals. But every company offers something for everyone, so be sure to check their scent lists carefully.

So here are my current faves, subject of course to additions:

Favorite All-Around, Go-To Companies

Sugar Scrubs

Shower Gels & Bath Parfaits


Lotions, Body Butters & Body Creams

Body Mists


Favorite Websites to Visit

Cleanse Your Soul (the scent list is totally AMAZING)

Because I'm the Princess (just plain fun)

Grumpy Girl (ditto)

Crater Lake Company (beautiful layout & wonderfully creative descriptions)

Make Me Smooth (droolworthy fragrance bar)

Best Customer Service

Scentsy Wickless Candles
The Hottest New Thing
in Candles!
CHC- soy candles & tarts
with maximum scent levels
Bulk Unscented Candles
America's leading candle shop
since '71. Top brand candles