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Bath & Body Reviews by Julia


Julia Wooten B&B ReviewsHello Bath and Body fans. My name is Julia and I love scent. Some of you may know me from where I review all sorts of different scented candles. Well, my scent obsession has busted out at the seams, and I am so excited to now be able to share reviews of bath and body products too.

This may be hard to imagine, but I wasn't always so enthralled with bath and body products. I had some limited experience with a couple of the big name stores like The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works, and I would occasionally enjoy soaps or creams that I received as gifts over the years... but for the longest time, I had no idea what a huge variety of products and scents were out there... I had a very limited view.

It was through my love of scented candles and wax melts that I discovered this whole world of scented body creams and lotions,Spa lotions and bath & body scrubs, shampoos, and my favorite indulgence... bar soaps. As it turns out, many of my favorite candle companies also create body products... so I started there, with my trusted scent experts, and before long I was branching out to all kinds of bath and body companies.

When I think about it, it is a natural progression for a scent fanatic like myself to go from scenting the air around me to scenting myself too. I mean, have you ever thought a scent smelled so good, you wish you could bathe in it? Maybe not, but I did... more than once... I admit it.

As much as I adore scent, where bath and body products are concerned, I'm looking for a lot more than fragrance alone. Anything that goes on my body or into my bathtub needs to be healthy and safe and beneficial to my skin. Bath and body products have the added challenge of cleaning or toning skin. They might condition hair or heal dry skin, or even soothe tired footsies. For a bath or body product to be tops, it has to have a purpose, and it has to deliver on it's claims.
I don't know all there is to know about every type of product, but I am ready to jump right in and share what I learn along the way. I'll be writing about some of my current favorite bath and body products, and I'll also be trying some new items for the first time.

We'll talk about the web sites, customer service, turn around time, presentation, and of course the bath and body products themselves and the many, many scents. So lets go have some fun!

~ Julia

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