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Review of Cold Processed Soaps from J&L Creations LLC

J&J Soaps by Pam, added 4/22/12

Company: J&L Creations LLC

Type: 4oz Cold Processed Soaps - $5.95 each

Ginger & Lime
Lemongrass & Beer
Oatsmeal Goats Milk & Honey

Pam Novak bath and body reviewsIntroduction to my review:

J & L Creations, LLC is a small business that specializes in handmade cold processed soaps , soy candles, and other crafts. For this review, I will be discussing four of their soaps. Lorrie, owner of the company, stated that she does "have plans in the future to add more Bath & body products.  They are all in the testing phases and I am still working on the packaging for them."  Packaging and presentation is important for Lorrie and she appears to put a lot of thought into developing attractive, environmentally responsible packaging.  I am impressed with the individual cloth bags that each soap resides in, also handmade by Lorrie. The bags are tied closed using a satin drawstring and the company label is threaded through the string.

Okay, time to start critiquing these lovely soaps!!

Ginger & Lime cold processed soap:

"We have blended the right balance of ginger essential oil with lime essential oil to create a bright, crisp, and clean scent. This is one of our favorite J&J Soapsessential oil blends."

After trying unsuccessfully to break in this bar and work up a lather with my hands only, I discover that this soap lathers best with a bath sponge or pouf.  What a difference the pouf made.  I had a thick silken lather within seconds. I tried to detect each scent note individually, but could only pick out lime in the background.

This is a fresh scented soap that rinses cleanly after use and left my skin feeling well hydrated.

Blackberry cold processed soap:

"Sweet ripe Blackberry with cassis and damask Rose notes. This is a very nice and fruity scent that is one of our top sellers."

This bar has the most succulent, fruity aroma, almost like a rich berry wine. The rose must be very well blended. I personally dislike the smell of roses inblackberry soap from J&L Creations LLC bath and body products, and they were not noticeable in this blend. The fruitiness factor is delicious and I was able to smell this soap from across a room before I even got it wet.

Like the Ginger & Lime soap, it lathers best with a bath pouf, but this bar was easier to get going. The soap rinsed clean and left my skin soft . Bonus: The scent delightfully lingered on my skin after my shower.

Lemongrass & Beer cold processed soap:

"We used bright and fresh lemony, lemongrass essential oil. Each Soap is sprinkled on top with poppy seeds to give it a unique appearance. ~ We have added beer to our recipe which we believe adds a creamy lather to our soaps."

I agree that beer is possibly responsible for a creamier lather. This soap was fun to use because Lemongrass & Beer cold processed soapafter soaping up, I got it into my head to use the bar ON my head ! Okay, I admit that this is not labeled as a shampoo bar. But I am all for experimentation with bath and body goodies, and this does have BEER in it. Haven't you heard how good beer is for your hair ? My hair was left clean, but coarse feeling, so I used my normal conditioner. My recommendation is to use this on your body only. The scent is a great way to wake up in the morning.... nice and lemony. You do not smell beer.

Oatmeal Goat's Milk & Honey cold processed soap:

"We have added the right amount of oatmeal and creamy goat's milk to create a creamy lather with a gentle exfoliant.  This lightly scented soap has sweet notes with just a hint of nuttiness from the oatmeal.  This is our number one selling bar of soap!

Oh....Yum!  This is my favorite soap of the four. It just smells soooo good. I have smelled other oatmeal soaps, but this one smells the most authentic. Loved the lather and the soft exfoliation.  I experiemented with this one too.  No, I didn't shampoo my head with it. I used it as a face soap.  Sure did... Haven't you heard how good oatmeal is for your complexion ? This time, my experiment paid off, and my face felt soft and very clean. I had no break-outs either, which I am prone to experience.

Closing to my review:

These are high quality soaps that look beautiful and Closing to my reviewlast a long time. They do not dissolve and turn to mush in water, and the ingredients are naturally pure and safe to use. My questions were answered promptly, so I trust that customer service is a priority. I look forward to seeing what other creations Lorrie produces.

Happy bath and body shopping!

~ Pam

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