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Review of Silky Soy Candle and Moisture Bar from Evergreen Candleworks

Evergreen Candleworks bath and body review by Julia, added 2/21/11

Brand: Evergreen Candleworks

Pampering Package, Silky Soy Candle and Moisture Bar

Fragrances: Sensuel Vanille, Vanilla Pear

Cost: $12 - $35.50

Bath & body reviews by Julia WootenIntroduction to my review:

Evergreen Candleworks is a family run company in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They are a business dedicated to a greener environment, but not at the expense of a luxurious product. On the contrary, the all natural ingredients they use in their candles and moisture bars are of top quality and it shows. For more information on Evergreen Candleworks efforts to use renewable resources and wind energy, check out my review of their candle products at, or have a peek at their website.

I found Evergreen Candleworks' website to be easy to use. The site worked best for me when I chose the product first and then the individual scents. I didn't find a separate listing of all scents and descriptions. What I found was that after choosing a particular product andEvergreen Candleworks logo size, I was directed to a page with all available scents and descriptions listed.

The website's photos are professional looking and the colors are soothing. Descriptions are well written and there is plenty of information available about each product. I found all the product details and use instructions right there on Evergreen Candleworks' site.

You may be wondering why I am reviewing a candle for our Bath and Body Find website. Well, this is no ordinary candle. It does double duty as a skin moisturizer.

What do my Silky Soy products look like?

For this review, I checked out Evergreen Candleworks' Pampering Package, and what a package it was. This package would make a beautiful gift presentation, and package was all inclusive with everything one would need to warm the soy for scenting the air or moisturizing the skin.

Let me start from the ground up. On the bottom was a simple candle warmer plate. They are available in black Lotion bars from Evergreen Candleworksor white. Mine was black. It's a basic electric style with an on/off switch on the cord. Not too fancy but it was a terrific bonus to have it included in the package. Resting on top of the warmer plate was a 10 oz Silky Soy double wicked candle. The apothecary style jar had a black metal lid and a standard wide mouth. Sitting on the lid was a silver tin with a tissue wrapped, round Silky Bar nestled inside it. Each part of this package was labeled and elegantly tagged with the fragrance name and instructions. All of these luxurious goodies were neatly stacked in a reusable green organza tie stringed satchel

How did my Silky Soy products smell?

Sensuel Vanille

"A lovely sophisticated vanilla with hints of light floral & sweet musk undertones."

This fragrance was very wearable. I tried Sensuel Vanille in a Silky Soy Moisture Bar. The scent was exactly as described. I don't think I would describe itSensuel Vanille lotion bar review any better than the way it already is. I smelled all of the scent notes listed. It was a musky vanilla with a light floral note. The vanilla gave it a sweetness and the floral, musk combination made it more wearable. This one is tailor made for Vanilla fans. Vanilla is not usually my personal first choice for fragrance, but I must say, the fellas seemed to like this one. I can't explain it. My unofficial survey says that boys like vanilla.




Vanilla Pear

"Sweet, Juicy, ripe pears at the peak of their season Vanilla pear bath and body reviewon a rich, creamy vanilla background."

The Vanilla Pear was sweeter than the Sensuel Vanille. It was more of a foody fragrance. The pear scent mixed with the vanilla was really nice. I thought I smelled a ever-so-faint spice note, but none was listed in the description. This was not only a body scent, but also a candle scent. As a home fragrance it was on the lighter side, better suited for a smaller room. I lit the candle after I'd already had it on a melter plate, so that would have affected the throw.


How did my Silky soy candle / skin moisturizer perform?

I used the Sensuel Vanille Silky Soy Moisture Bar first. Made from soy and shea butter, the bar had an oil rich feel to it. This was the first time I've ever used a skin moisturizer in bar form. It glided on the way a bar of soap would feel. I rubbed both of my arms paying close attention to those always-dry elbows. Once I felt that I had a sufficient amount on my skin, I massaged it in and could immediately smell the fragrance. My arms felt a bit oily at first and I did need to wash my hands when I finished... but that's me... I'm a hand washer by How did my products perform?nature.

The next product I tried was the Vanilla Pear Silky Soy Candle... another first for me. For my first experience with this candle, I used the candle warmer included in my Pamper Package. I found that the candle jar was the tiniest bit larger than the warmer plate and sat on the rim just a smidge, but that didn't deter from the candle's soy melting. It took about an hour for the full, unlit candle to liquefy since it melted from the bottom up to the top. There were instructions for melting it in a microwave, but I wanted to keep it simple and make it more of a pampering experience. I don't find much pampering in my microwave.

As soon as the shea and soy candle was melted, I dipped my fingertips in. It was a similar experience to dipping my toe in the pool to test the water. For as long as I've been burning candles, and it's been quite a while, I've never felt compelled to dip my fingers in the hot candle pool and massage it into my skin. Oh there have been times when I totally wanted to wear the same scent as a candle I was burning, but to actually Silkly soy candle from Evergreen Candleworksspread it on my skin? No... never have. So, I was timid at first, dipping one fingertip into the pool. I was afraid it would be hot but it wasn't. It was warm in a good way, but not hot.

Once one fingertip survived unscathed and one knee had a little Vanilla Pear candle oil on it, the rest was history! I must have looked like a mad woman dipping my fingers into this pot of clear scented goodness. Before I knew it, my whole self was all moisturized and warm and smelling oh-so-good. What a treat. This felt very decedent... as if I were doing something forbidden by putting candle oil on my skin. Who does that? From now on, I guess, I do. This product was so fun to use.

What were the results on my skin?

Silky Soy Moisture Bar

After using the Silky Soy Moisture Bar, my skin felt instantly conditioned. I may have used too much at first, but hey, I'd never used this before so there was a learning curve. The first time I used this, my skin felt a bit oily, but after that I simply used less for each application and my skin just glowed. It worked well on my winter dry problem areas...elbows, knees, heels. What were teh affects on my skin? You name it, it got the Sensuel Vanille treatment.

Silky Soy Candle

I had similar results with the Silky Soy Candle, except by this time I knew how much I wanted to apply at once. My skin felt moisturized, a little oily at first but the shea seeped into my skin just fine.
My skin felt moisturized for hours. I was pleased with the results.

Closing to my review...

I went to Evergreen Candleworks looking for clean burning candles and came away with a brand new experience in body care. Who knew dipping into a candle's melt pool could be so good for the skin? I don't see myself using this method of body moisturizing every day, but it was fun to try and will be part of my pampering routine after a bath. Granted, pampering Evergreen Candleworks bath and body reviewebaths are hard to come by around this busy house, but with these kinds of fun products, I'm sure looking forward to the next one.

I was pleased with these two products. They had a "Wow" factor that would make a fantastic gift. The products were unique, well scented, well made and were presented in such a beautiful set. I am absolutely smitten with Evergreen Candleworks.

Check out my review of three other scented Evergreen Candleworks products at If you're not signed up to receive reviews and newsletters, now is the perfect time to do it. You know there will be sales and contests that you won't want to miss.

Happy Bath & Body shopping!

~ Julia


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