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Bath & Body Reviews by Christina


Christina Rylan bath and body reviewsHello Bath and Body lovers!

My name is Christina, just a regular Joe who fell in love with everything scented and wanted to find others who shared my passion. I am obsessed with fragrance!... it all started back in 2003 when I fell in love with scented candles. I realized after my first candle (Lemon Chiffon), I absolutely LOVED how my house smelled and wanted it to always smell good, not just once in awhile but every day. Whether it be sweet summer fruits, delectable bakeries or vibrant and fresh scents... I loved it all. Depending on my mood on any given day.... the fragrance in my house will usually reflect it. Scents literally changed and shaped my world so, it was only natural that my obsession progressed to bath and body and it has been a match made in heaven ever since. After all, I've always loved soaps, lotions and perfumes, it was easy to dive into this delicious world of bath and body.

That in a nutshell is how BathAndBodyFind came to be....

My favorite scents are bakery or fruity fragrances.... I was just in absolute heaven and awe with how mere scents could uplift my spirit, make me smile and brighten my days. And now, I can't live without them.  Once I started the forum on Candlefind, a bath and body section grew almost as big as the candle/wax section and that's when I started purchasing homemade bath and body products.  I inundated myself with handmade soaps, sugar scrubs, body butters, body sprays, fresh handmade perfumes. You name it, I bought it!! I went on such a buying frenzy, I finally had toAfter bath bubbles, stop as I overloaded my closets and cupboards with the stuff. ;-)

What I realized after experiencing freshly made bath and body products was that I could never go back to store bought brands and that's when I decided to start a new site that caters to bath and body lovers.  Since trying fresh bath and body, my skin is healthier and boy oh boy do I smell good!!!!! The scents available! Oh my goodness, you can go crazy with all your scent options out there!  Everywhere I go, people sniff the air wondering where that scent of baking cookies or cakes is coming from.... Or why they smell fresh lemons or sweet honeydew?... and guess what..... it's MEEEEEE!!!! I get such a kick out of that!

Now I reaize you may be thinking, why does she want to smell like a cake? Well, because I like smelling like a cake... I'm drawn to those scents and just wait till you start buying this stuff.... you'll be smelling just like cakes and cookies too! Mark my words, it's addicting!

Another great benefit to handmade products... bath and body artisans take such pride in their work and it really reflects when you receive your packages. It's such a pampering and well deserved indulgence and one I cannot do without anymore. I love that each product I buy is literally freshly made just for me. It hasn't been sitting on a shelf for months or years. That's really important to me now.

What's important to you is for you to decide. But, it's my hope that my experiences, likes and dislikes will reflect in all my reviews and conversely, help you on your quest for that one of a kind product you've been searching for.

The quest never ends my friends... simply because there are so many companies that need to be explored. I gladly take on that task, not only because I love bath and body but because I LOVE to shop!!!

Enjoy our site!! Have fun and most of all..... good luck!

~ Christina

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