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Delicious Handmade Bakery Scented Soaps


by Beth Whitney
owner of Bubbles Up! By Bethie, an Etsy Store


Hello, my name is Beth and my passion is making bakery scented soapsChocolate fudge hand made soap from Bubbles up by Bethie that smell good enough to eat! I've never heard of anyone wanting to eat a store bought soap, but I hear that all the time about mine! Who would have thought a soap that smells like it just came out of a bakery could be good for your skin too?

Mass-produced commercial soaps are made with cleaning agents that can strip your skin of its natural oils and overpower you with detergent fragrances. Not mine! Bubbles Up! soaps are made in small batches and gently cleanse your skin with ingredients like goats milk, raw honey, and natural plant oils - all without using harsh additives like sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol. With scents like fresh peaches, hot apple crisp, or warm sugar cookies, you'll enjoy the fragrance just as much as the creamy lather.

Country Chunkie Peach hand made soap from Bubbles up by Bethie

What to look for when buying handmade soaps?

Most handmade soap artisans list the ingredients they use so you can find the perfect soap for you. Whether you're looking for vegan soap, one to exfoliate your skin, or one with specific plant or vegetable oils, you're sure to find one to please.

Some soap makers specialize in certain materials or techniques, like Cold Process or Glycerin soaps with each ingredient having its own special characteristics. As you shop for handmade soaps, you'll develop your own preference, likes and dislikes. And what fun you will have!!

Creative packaging is another benefit of handmade soaps, as many of them arrive at your door already gift wrapped and ready to go.


What is my specialty as a soap maker?

I got into the soap making business because my skin is very sensitive to the harsh detergents and fragrances found in most commercial cleansers. Once I started making my own soap, I I found I was drawn to delicious Sugar Cookie handmade soap from Bubbles up by Bethiebakery scents - I love to bake all kinds of pies, cookies and cakes so my dessert soaps just followed naturally! I combined those wonderful scents with skin-loving ingredients like raw honey, yogurt, and brown sugar and Bubbles Up soap was born!

No one has actually tasted my soaps except my sister, who likes to think of herself as my unofficial "taste tester" -my Golden Honeycomb bar is her favorite!

I never would have thought my soaps could open such a world of opportunity for me, and I am very grateful for this chance to chat with people who love soap as much as I do. Please stop my Etsy store and see what scrumptious new creations I've whipped up in my Bubbles Up! soap kitchen!

Cinnamon Coffee Cake handmade soaps from Bubbles up by Bethie
About the author:

Beth is a single mom living in upstate NY with her 3 sons (a goat, cat and rooster). :-) Beth has always been a "crafty person" working with all sorts of materials, patterns, sewing and is constantly "creating" things... her love and craft of soap started in January 2008.

Beth gets most of her ideas from reading my magazines filled with recipes, cooking and baking for her family. 

Beth continues to create dessert themed soaps, and will soon be bringing back her cherry yogurt and banana yogurt soap bars, now with oatmeal! Quote from Beth:

"I love adding yogurt, oatmeal and honey to my soaps! All super skin loving ingredients. I will also be adding delicious body butters to my line of soaps. I will have all my popular dessert fragrances, along with new ones, in a thick and moisturizing body butter. I can't wait to share these new ideas with all of you!"

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