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Reviews by Avery Jordan

Bath and body reviews by Avery JordanHi Bath and Body lovers,

My name is Avery, and I am a little tipped over when it comes to smelly things! As a candle and tart lover, I came across so many vendors that sold wax AND B&B products that, well... I just had to try them! I figured that I must be missing out on something. Yeah - you know what happened, huh?

I now spend waaay too much time opening caps and lids sniffing bath and body products, but I am pretty sure I am doing my part to help the economy! My B&B closet is overflowing, and potentially an embarrassment when those that "don't get it" come across it. (My husband thought it odd that I wanted a lock on the big cabinet in the bathroom, but you understand, right? LOL!)

I am pretty fussy when it comes to bath and body products. I have a nose for odd underscents and really shy away from products that contain them. I love bath products - bubbles, bombs and I collect bar soaps with the same enthusiasm that I "collect" tarts! I am totally a sucker for pretty soaps. Give me a swirly, colored soap, - and I am one happy gal. All the better if it smells fabulous and lathers like silk!

These reviews are not scientific - I really don't know tonsAvery Jordan bath and body reviews about the ingredients used in these products, but I can tell if the combination works for me, leaves my skin soft, bubbles up, etc. I can also tell if the product is gritty, smells stale, or is waay too greasy. These are the things I will be looking at in my reviews.

With all these products to "collect", a gal has to watch her budget, so I am also on the look out for good value and super sales and hope to find those for you as well.

So, here we go! Let's go sniffing and shopping!

~ Avery

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