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Bath and Body Reviews by Andrea

Bath and body reviews by Andrea, Bath and body, the site for bath and body loversHello fellow scent lovers! My name is Andrea and I am definitely a scent addict. It all started innocently enough with a passion for candles followed by a love for wax melts. It wasn't long after that, that I began to discover a whole new scented world - bath and body products! I could smell just as good as my home. Who knew??? I discovered the joy of lotions. Bath bombs. Soaps. Scrubs. In this huge array of scents. I was hooked and the rest, as they say, is history.

As with my wax addiction, just about any scent goes when it comes to bath and body. It really just depends on my mood. I also love discovering new-to-me places, mom and pop shops, so to speak. Big name companies still have a place in my heart and my home, but I really have found handmade is where it's at. My skin has never looked or felt better and I smell wonderful to boot! Can't argue with that!!

How thrilling it is to be a part of this new website of a good friend of mine. Christina has been working on the idea for this site for months - dare I say over a year? And what a wonderful Bath and body reviews by Andrea, Bath and body, the site for bath and body loverssite it is. A great place to explore, share, and learn. It seems like a never ending project, but a fun one at that.

I will be reviewing many bath and body products for the site from many different companies. Some big boys and some smaller, lesser known companies. While scent will be a major focus, it certainly won't be the only one. With bath and body, I'm interested in what the product is doing for and to my skin. And if a company makes a particular claim about a product, well, I'll be looking at that too. I'll talk about ingredients, costs, customer service and so much more. With bath and body, I guess you could say I've been around the block. But I'm always learning or trying something new and I'd like to bring you along. Because we are all in this together. Right? ;)

Happy showers!

~ Andrea

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