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About Bath And Body Find

Welcome to BathAndBodyFind.... a site dedicated with one goal in mind.... a place for all us bath and body lovers to hang out and have fun. A place to gather, read reviews and find information on what bath and body products are all about. Our mission? To shop, find bath and body, try and test it and report our findings back to you!

There are so many wonderful bath and body sites out there just waiting to be discovered and given a chance. It's our hope that we will not only help companies succeed but also help consumers "find" everything they need and are searching for in that great big and wonderful scented world.

After all... we're simply consumers just like you and are always on the search for that perfect scent, luxurious lotion or exfoliating sugar scrub. And what fun it will be on the road to discovery!!

Who are the faces behind Bath And Body Find?

Christina Rylan, Editor of BathAndBodyFind
My name is Christina, Editor of Bath And Body Find. My journey actually began with scented candles back in 2003 which started my relationship with a site called, a site dedicated to candle lovers. I'm pretty passionate about all things scented whether it be for my home or skin so it was natural to shift my obsession to bath & body products. Because we have a such a huge following of bath and body lovers on Candlefind, the idea for a sister site grew and finally became reality in summer of 2009.

More faces behind Bath And Body Find:

Andrea Haskins, forum admin, reviewer

Andrea is my right hand woman! I could not survive or funtion without this wonderful gal beside me! She is not only a friend, but a candle and bath and body obsessed consumer to be reckoned with. I can barely keep up with this girl when it comes to shopping! Man can she shop!! Andrea knows her stuff and will bring a wealth of information and knowledge to all of us bath and body junkies.

Julia Wooten, review editor

And now we have Julia, THE most talented and wonderfully vibrant person I have met in a very long time! I was SO-SO lucky to have her join Candlefind and now B&BFind!! Julia loves all things scented and is a natural and gifted writer. She'll bring the good, bad and ugly if needed to her reviews with wit, grace and style! You are sure to fall in love with her just as we all have with each new product she tries and review she writes!


Lisa Carter

Lisa is an incredible person and writer and I was very lucky to have her join our little review family back in early 2008. Lisa knows her stuff and tells it exactly how she smells it, good and bad which is so refreshing! Lisa loves all things bath and body so I'm excited to read all her findings, likes and dislikes.

We hope you have fun browsing our new site! Have fun!!


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