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New review of cold processed soaps from a company
called J&L Creations.
by Pam Novak
J&J Soaps
In this review, Pam sampled several scents from J&L Creations cold
processed line of soaps. We know Pam loves soaps in every way they
can be made. How did she like these?

Read Pam's review to find out the full scoop...


New review! Pam tried some Glycerin soaps, sugar scrubs
and Slip hand & body lotion from Paintbox Soapworks!

by Pam Novak

Paintbox Soapworks review

You can tell Pam had a lot of fun with this review since she decided to try
unique and unusual scents to try out. Scents like "The Queen is Dead" and
"Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground:. Weird right? Not to Pam... she loves this stuff!

Read Pam's review....


New review of some luscious soap and Wild Yam Body Butter froMoonaLisa - A Supernatural Clean Moonalisa

I am super excited to announce we have a new reviewer that just joined our happy little team here at BathAndBodyFind!! Welcome Pam Novak!! - Pam is a HUGE B&B shopper and has been a member of BathAndBodyFind from day one. We were so lucky and proud to have her join our family!! She shops the world of B&B from big to small and brings a wealth of knowledge to shoppers... especially if you're thinking about trying smaller companies you've been curious about.

For Pam's first review, she decided on one of her favorite sites ever... MoonaLisa! It was such a pleasure reading this review... you can feel Pam's infectious excitement and her descriptions of the products she tried are out
of this world. Read Pam's Moona review...


New review of a silky soy lotion bar and a soy candle/moisturizer from Evergreen Candleworks!
Pampering package from Evergreen Candleworks
We're back!! And with a brand new review of a silky soy lotion bar and a soy candle/moisturizer from Evergreen Candleworks!

Julia found an eco friendly company who offers all natural products in both B&B and yummy smelling candles.

The scents she's reviewing are Sensual Vanille in a silky soy lotion bar and a silky soy candle in Vanilla Pear. Yep, you read that right, a candle that can also be used as a skin moisturizer. How can that be? Keep reading to find out how! Continue reading Julia's review...


New Review of Soaps and Matching Lotions from Friendly Fumes Soaps and Candles
Friendly Fumes Soaps and Candles
Wheeeeeeeeeee - Avery's debut review for Bath and Body Find! She tried some delicious handmade cold processed soaps with matching lotions in a TON of scents from a company called Friendly Fumes Soaps & Candles. Read Avery's review...


New article on Essential Oils for Various Skin Types - Part 1
Essential Oils for Various Skin Types - Part 1

By Tami-Marie of Skin. Bath & Body

There are many products available today that have been made to care for your skin-but which ones are right for you? You could have Oily, Dry, Mature, Combination, etc. so how do you identify which skin type is yours? The first step to understanding what products you need to use on your skin is to understand your skin type. Continue reading Tami-Marie's article...


New Review on a handmade soaps from Full Moon!
Handmade soap review from Full Moon Candles
Full Moon Candle Co is well known on Candlefind for their gorgeous and wonderfully scented pillars but did you also know they made handmade soaps? They do!! Julia couldn't wait to try this soaps out and decided to review two scents called Sexy Man and Patchouli Spearmint. Read her full review...


New Review on a Watermelon Sour Bath Whip from Luna Bleu!
Luna Bleu Bath Whip review, Bath and body, the site for bath and body lovers
Andrea is back with a brand new review of a creamy and delicious bath whip in the scent Watermelon Sour from Luna Bleu Bath & Body! Luna Bleu's site has revamped and soooooooo cute!! I hear their products are incredible too!! Read Andrea's review...


New Article on the benefits of aloe vera!
by Jen Ring, added 1/25/10
Aloe vera skincare article, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
Did you know that aloe vera contains approximately 75 nutrients, 200 active compounds, 20 essential minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins? Did you also know that not all aloe vera is created equally? Out of over 200 species of aloe only 4 are actually considered to have nutritional value.

Read more on the many benefits aloe vera produces in skin care.


New Review of delectable sugar scrubs from Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co.
Grumpy Girl sugar scrub review, Bath and body, the site for bath and body lovers
Have you ever heard of Grumpy Girl Candles? If you haven't, you're in for a real treat! Grumpy Girl not only makes great waxie products like candles and melts but some incredible bath and body as well. Sugar scrubs, soaps, body butters, body sprays... aaaaaaaah.... the list goes on and on and the cleverness of Sharon's products is just hilarious! I LOVE this site!! It's sass, spunk and sarcasm all rolled up into one fun site!

Julia had a blast with this one and tried an array of sugar scrubs in some fun and flavorful scents..... read Julia's full review.


Review of Bath and Body Works 3in1 body wash in two new Christmas scents.
by Julia, added 12/28/09
Bath and body works 3in1 body wash review, Bath and body find, com, the site for bath and body lovers
Jula is on a serious roll with more reviews from Bath & Body Works. This time, she tried scents from their Christmas collection called Nutcracker Sweet and Spiced Gingernap. Read Julia' review


Review of a delicious bakery scented sugar scrub from Dylan's Candy Bar in the scent Birthday Cake Batter, YUM!!
by Andrea, added 11/30/09

A bakery scented sugar scrub from Dylan's Candy Bar, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
Just looking at the picture above makes you want to try this sugar scrub! It sounds sooooo delicious! This is Andrea's first experience with Dylan's Candy Bar and I think she enjoyed her experience. In this review, Andrea tried their sugar scrub in a scent called Birthday Cake Batter. Yum!! Read Andrea's full experience...


Review of a Shea Butter Bar Soap from Simply Pure Soy Candles & More
by Andrea, added 11/23/09

Simply Pure Soy Candles & More, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
Andrea pretty much loves every bar soap known to man and even shops for a variety from stores who you would think just specialize in candles... not so... many candle stores sell a variety of bath and body and Andrea is just the gal to find them all... read her review.


New article on Shaving Soaps!
by Christina, added 11/18/09

Shaving soaps article, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
We all have our preferences when it comes to our shaving paraphernalia whether that be shaving cream, gel, soap or nothing at all. It's all personal preference. The fun part is exploring what we each like. Read our latest article...  


Halloween Inspired Bath & Body Review from Spookieville, an Etsy Store!
by Andrea, added 10/28/09

Spookieville bath and body review, Andrea's bath and body reviews, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
With Halloween only a few days away, Andrea decided it would be fun to write up a review on Halloween inspired bath and body products. She searched far and wide for the perfect store that caters to this fun filled holiday and found an Etsy store called Spookieville! Andrea sampled bath whips, body sprays, lip balm and a unique scrub made out of walnuts. Read Andrea's review....


Review of a Glycerin Soap in the Scent Pikake from Primal Elements
by Andrea, 10/19/09
Prime Elements Pikake Soap review, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
Andrea loves any and all soaps so it was a perfect fit that her first review was of a glycerin soap from a popular company called Primal Elements. Have you ever shopped on their site? Boy, you're in for a treat because these glycerin soaps are just BEAUTIFUL and so clever!! Read Andrea's review...


New Review of Bath and Body Works "American Grown" Collection, Hand Soap & Body Wash!
by Julia, added 10/13/09
Bath & Body Works American Grown Collection review, Bath and body find, the site for bath and body lovers
For Julia's second review, she decided to stick with the "big guys" again and reviewed some hand soap and body wash from Bath and Body Works "American Grown" Collection. She sampled the scents Siesta Key Lime, Napa Grape and Washington Apple. Mm mm... sounds pretty good to me!! Read Julia's review...


Review of Foaming Body Wash from Bath and Body Works!
by Julia, added 8/20/09
Bath & Body Works Review of Signature Collection Body Washes,, the site for bath and body lovers, Bath and body find, find your flavor, one scent at a time.
Bath and Body Works is a household name these days so what better company to spotlight for our very first review for Bath and Body Find! In this review, Julia tried some foaming body wash in two of Bath & Body Works signature scents called Mango Mandarin and Warm Vanilla Sugar! Read Julia's review...


The Wonderful World of Handmade Soaps

by Lisa Salamida - Savor Soaps
Ciao Bella handmade soap from Savor
Searching for handmade soaps? We have the article for you!

There is something so pleasurable about handmade items... from creamy beeswax candles with the light natural scent of honey, to slow-cooked, thick and tasty pasta sauce, a perfectly fluffy and flaky handmade biscuit - to handmade soap, lovingly made and scented...... continue reading.


Delicious & delectable handmade bakery soaps from Bubbles up By Bethie
by Beth Whitney
Handmade Blueberry Cobbler soap from Bubbles up by Bethie
Hello, my name is Beth and my passion is making bakery scented soaps that smell good enough to eat! I've never heard of anyone wanting to eat a store bought soap, but I hear that all the time about mine! Who would have thought a soap that smells like it just came out of a bakery could be good for your skin too?...... continue reading.


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